So, how are you feeling in your room?

Whether you have a clear picture of what you desire, or are unsure where to start, we will work together to shape and balance your interior, choosing the best colours, style and materials.

Your vision and my knowledge are the best team.

My adventures with interior decoration and design started 18 years ago in Europe. At the start of my journey I travelled across the European continent to choose and purchase design collections and hard finishes for major Polish home materials companies.  This experience enabled me to build a knowledge base of the product ranges of many European companies specialising in building and decorating materials.

I decided to change my life and head Down Under to study and create interiors in Australia. Australia totally inspires me: the harsh landscapes with their textures and colours, the intense sunlight, and, modern city architecture make living here a truly beautiful and unique picture experience.

“Her work is inspired, often unusual and always unique. Her work usually benefits from a surprising ability to design a space, choose colour and blend textures to achieve the required effect. Her experience, her European background, as well as her total passion for decoration and design give this enigmatic woman a very serious creative drive.”  Central TAFE Art gallery in Perth

I am passionate about interiors. I savour developing an interesting design concept and turning that unique idea into a reality. I continually examine the contemporary changes in the design and art world to stay on trend and have won industry awards for the best colours, materials and finishes used in my projects.

I like what Nadia Swarovski said in an interview for Vogue Living Australia at the Milano Design Week:

“Nowadays the terms like design and art do not exist anymore. Now is important, what are you feeling, more open brain, more freedom communication.”

So let’s communicate...


Emilia Skarbek

founder and head of  
Superior Interior
Superior Exterior Pty. Ltd.

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