* Our current inspirations are coming from Aboriginal patterns and colours like rich and warm ochre as well as warm and earthy pigments picked up from Australian landscapes. (Cliffs on the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia). Please see our new range cushions made from high quality fabrics, cotton and row silk.

Oriental and exotic accent. Add a pretty and personal accent to your home interior with this exotic cushions decorated with tapestry applique, satin gold and decorative stiches. Closure with buttons. All seams have been serged to prevent fraying and giving added durability. No two pieces are alike. 

To shop online please follow a link: http://www.superiorinterior.com.au/pricesandportfolio


Spring flower inspirations. Colourful, soft and cosy cushions, with high quality artificial fur.

* Get inspired by Australian nature and Superior Interior's neutral colour scheme for your home or office: timeless greys and beige, calm aquamarine and pinks.













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