We provide a consultation for individual and commercial clients to help you design and decorate a new or existing space 
at home, in the office or in your business. The internet is a really great tool in this field. Online decoration gives you the chance to see a picture of your interior concept before you purchase any materials and furniture or book the trades people. We help you to plan your budget so you feel comfortable making your financial decision and avoiding costly mistakes.

We offer you the following services:

  • Colours and textures selection (interior/exterior)
  • Style creation
  • Furniture selection and placement
  • Guidance on wall and floor coverings (tiles, timber, carpets, paints, wallpapers ,textile)
  • Guidance on bench tops, cupboards, sinks, taps, vanities, sanitary ceramic and accessories
  • Lighting design
  • Windows treatments, custom curtains, bedspreads, cushions, bed linen
  • Pictures, art work and decorative items
  • Estimation of material quantities and industry pricing
“I am very overwhelmed with the friendliness and quality of Emilia’s interior designs. There is not too small or too big a space for her to make it friendly, warm and stylish. With her European background and my world traveller extensive experience, I value especially her openness to implement in her design, amazing and unique multicultural items, colours and solutions. I highly recommend her great customer service.”
Basia Meder, Traveller and Photographer. Winner of the best travelling book for 2010 in Poland.
The consultation can include one or more of the aforementioned services. It can be done for one room or for the whole house, as well as for commercial spaces.

Our online consultations are provided with a decorator via e-mail.

Online consultation via e-mail is based on your previous sending information and/or pictures. We will prepare for you a file with presentation of material you are asking for, for Example colours match and estimation of paints, furniture selection, tile layouts, soft furnishing redecorating, new style etc. During this process we exchange information, selecting your preferences, refreshing your file, making changes, adding new items, until the presented concept reflects your vision about your space. Using e-mail consultation is suitable for small and big projects.

What do we need from you to book a consultation?

STEP 1. Send pictures and plans of your space

If it is an existing interior, we will be need from you some pictures of it. We advise to take couple of shots of the single room from two or three different angles so we can better visualise the space. See example below:

If you have any builder plans (floor plan and elevations of the single room) or a sketch, please send them to us.

Please provide all kinds of other information we can work with to arrange your space, like wall and floor measurements (square metres) or inspirational pictures.

For example: Alice does not have a picture or plan. Her inspiration to create an interior came from the picture she took on holiday. Can we work from that? Yes, we can.

STEP 2. Choose interior decoration services

After you specify your area to design, please write to us specifying which interior design or decoration service are you interested in. What has to be done? Let’s say, for instance: new colour selection for painting the walls, new space planning for furniture, bathroom renovation, floor covering materials for an apartment, etc.

For example: Paul is looking for a new colour scheme for his bedroom. He would like to keep the furniture and work on new blinds and lighting in this room.

Fiona is preparing to renovate a kitchen and is asking about a new benchtop, cupboard doors and floor tiles, which will match her colour scheme.

STEP 3. Write information - about your preferences

Please write to us describing briefly what you like and what dislike in terms of colours, surfaces, sizes, styles, etc.

For example, the same Paul has written to us, he does not like red and bold patterns. He likes hues of brown and grey. He is open to replacing his blind for simple curtains, to warm up his bedroom.

Fiona wants to modernise her kitchen. She likes metallic surfaces, but does not like timber cupboard doors.

What if I do not have a clear idea about how to design or decorate my space?

If you do not have a clear idea about your interior, no problem, we show you a lot of ideas, solutions and “ready to go” concepts. With our experience and data- base, we can help you to create your space which will suit you and your lifestyle.

To sum up, please collect the information from steps 1-3 to prepare for the consultation. Send us the information. We will contact you as soon as possible.

  • Step 1: Make or copy pictures or/and plans of your space
  • Step 2: Write which interior design or decoration service are you interested in
  • Step 3: Write about your preferences (i.e. what you like and dislike)

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your individual project requirements.

What do you get from us?

You get from us a design concept for your residential or commercial space. We work together to choose the right colours, textures, materials, finishes and style.

After receiving your information we send you a scope of the project and specify exactly what you will be getting from us. If you accept our proposal we can book the consultation.

In the last stage of consultation we prepare for you a sample board (presentation board in A4 or A3 format) with the chosen samples of colours, materials and finishes, and/or floor plan. The board can be sent electronically or by post.

We attach to the board:

  • A specification of materials ( for example: technical information about paints and tiles, textile care, art work size, etc)
  • Supplier names
  • Estimation
  • Approximate purchasing cost of materials (if required)

How much do we charge?
Please click here to view the price list

How long does it take?

To respond to your inquires or send a proposal can take 3 working days.

The time to finish your project varies depending on how big the project is. Some of them we can finish during one session or in one week, but other ones to complete can take a couple of months. For large projects a decorator will send you weekly updates and inform you when a particular stage of the project can be finished.

Now it is all clear- so let’s create!